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Michael Roberts TV, videos in educating in the prevention of his 11-steps to beating: Depression, suicide, alcoholism, anger, and drug addiction. His 11-steps to building confidence. Learn self defense to protect yourself or a loved from: Domestic abuse, child abuse and bullying. As well as learning his 11-steps to: Sales success, business success, life success and public speaking. Also, learn nutrition, health and fitness.

Learn Self Defense
"What are Bullys? Bullys are cowards, insecure and jealous people. Cowards because they only go after the weak, insecure of themselves, and jealous of the person they are bullying."
In this page, you learn self defense and build confidence, yes I take you through the steps of protecting yourself. I have been blessed with learning my martial arts training from a World Champion, mixed martial artist Harold Diamond. A Muay Thai Specialist, but he took MMA to a whole other level and I was priviledged to learn 25 years of training from a legend, pioneer and a complete fighter of mixed martial arts.

I'm not here to teach you to become a competitive fighter, that is the job of my mentor, Harold Diamond, I'm here to teach you how to stand up to Bullys, to protect yourself against Bullys and to actually scare a Bully into never messing with you again. I will teach you how to throw a punch, kick, elbow, knee, but you will also learn the trigger points to hit and end a fight immediately. You will learn how to get out of choke holds, how to use a choke hold to your advantage, how to take a person down, how to fight against anything that comes your way, a domestic violence, robbery, sexaul assualt, or bullying situation, you'll know how to protect yourself or a loved one.

I'm not here to advocate fighting or violence, I'm here to make sure you know what to do or say if ever conforted by a bully or a situation. What to say? Yes what to say so it doesn't escalate to something physical. Words, phrases, eyes and your look can make a bully or that person, think twice about messing with you, some call it street smart, I call it just defusing a situation so no one gets hurt! I 'm tired of kids, teens and our youths being bullied because being bullied can lead to depression or suicidal thoughts.
"Remember you bullys out there, when you are bully someone, your just saying to yourself, I'm weak, I'm a coward, I'm insecure of myself and I'm jealous of that person you are bullying."

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