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Michael live educating in the prevention of his 11-steps to beating: Depression, suicide, alcoholism, anger, and drug addiction. His 11-steps to building confidence. Learn self defense to protect yourself or a loved from: Domestic abuse, child abuse and bullying. As well as learning his 11-steps to: Sales success, business success, life success and public speaking.  Also, learn nutrition, health and fitness.

Health & Fitness
"I have been in the health & fitness industry for 30 plus years, and have been blessed with learning from the best, fitness gurus, pioneers and OG's of our industry. The 3 W's, what to eat, why to eat it and when to eat. The most important element to achieving your fitness goals is your diet, your nutrition and making sure you keep re-fueling your system. I'll teach all of this. This can be a difficult task, with work, errands, being a mommy, a daddy or just life in itself but you must stop, learn the process of nutrition and re-fuel ing your system with the nutrients your body needs.

With nutrition being the most important part of living a healthy lifestyle, whether you're maintaining, losing weight or gaining muscle, nutrition is the #1 factor to achieving those goals. The biggest mistake in nutrition; not re-fueling your body, with either protein, carbs, fat, vitamins, veggies, fruit, or iron. When you're not re-fueling your system, you're holding onto fat, because your body doesn't know when you're eating next, so by re-fueling it, your body now untilizes everything you put in your body, yes including fat, afterall, the 3 necessities of nutrition that your body needs is protein, carbs and fat.

Working out, I'll teach you the correct ways of working out to get results, see results and live a healthy lifetsyle from the results. The correct forms, correct techniques and most importantly, learn the shocking the system method. To see results you must know how to shock the system. I will go over everything from losing weight, gaining muscle, toning up, strengthening your body, tightening up, whatver you need or want, I will be going over everything.

I've owned a juice bar, I've owned a gym, I've been a general manager of health clubs, I've been a personal trainer, I am a nutritiontist and have lived a healthy lifestyle for 30 years." -Michael Roberts
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