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The Book
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"365 pages of motivation, survival, determination and the will to never give up. When
you have an abusive mother, an alcoholic father, and a kid who defeated the odds, then you have a book called,"

Michael Roberts: The Dark Path, Chosen !

Author: Michael Roberts

My True Life Story !

The Introduction:

       They have called me a life survivor. Some have called me a motivational speaker. They also say my story and testimony is inspirational. I say I have the motivation, determination, and will to never give up.

          Growing up with divorced, alcoholic and abusive parents, I turned to alcohol and drugs at an early age. By thirteen, I was an alcoholic. By fifteen, I was introduced to drugs and became a drug addict. By seventeen, I attempted suicide by jumping off a 250-foot cliff.

          Since I didn’t have much discipline, yet I did have the freedom to do whatever I wanted, alcohol and drugs became my way of life. I went from the lower-to middle-class neighborhoods of Detroit, Michigan, to living my teen years in the upscale neighborhood of Dana Point, California. I was a Caucasian-looking kid creating money in all kinds of different ways to feed my addiction. I allowed this disease and demon to control my life, which only led me to disaster.

          I was seventeen years old. I picked up a 12-pack of beer, got into my car, and drove to the Dana Point Cliffs. As I arrived at the cliffs, I parked alongside the barbed wire fence keeping people from entering. I got a beer-bong from my trunk, poured three beers in, and drank it all. I took the next three beers, poured them as well, and drank them all. I repeated the process twice more. I drank a 12-pack in about five minutes.

          I got back into my car, put it into drive, and attempted to drive through the barbed wire fence. My car got stuck in the sand. I tried backing up, but all you could hear was the metal scraping from my car on the barbed wire. With my tires stuck deeper in the sand, I got out of my car and started my walk to the edge of the 250-foot cliff. Staggering while I was walking, I arrived at the edge. 

          I overlooked this 250-foot cliff and began thinking about my life, the bad, the good, from the violence I had seen in my past to the loss of my best friend. I didn't have any direction in my life, all I knew was that alcohol, drugs and divorced parents had led me to this point. My final thought: “What a relief it would be for my parents to know that the mistake they made in me was no longer around.” 

          As I was standing, I heard a voice, I turned to look back and saw a Police Officer. “Please don't do this.” He said. “It's not worth it.” I stared at him and replied. “I'm sorry.” And then
"Please read the book to find out how I got to this point and how The Good Lord Above saved me."
“First of all, I give thanks to my God through Jesus Christ concerning all of you, because your faith is talked about throughout the whole world.”

Shane Roberts, Johnny Hall, Kim Lackey, Bethany Mobilia-Derado, Dennis Cole, Tim Sova, Jay Herning, Alec Hughes, Dean Olesko, all my Puda Brothers, and all my friends at Dana Hills High School who supported me through my journey of rehab and recovery.

Her support behind the journey of writing this book was a big reason how it got done, she's another one of my Angels that The Good Lord Above sent my way !



December 12th 1967 - October 26th 1984


"I bought your book at the conference you spoke at. I returned home and placed the book on the kitchen counter. The next morning it was gone. I approached my husband and he said he didn't have it. I walked by my son's bedroom and saw him laying in his bed reading it. My son is a drug addict, thus the purchasing of your book. Three days later, he approached me asking to go to rehab and get help. He said he didn't want to learn to control it like Michael did. Thank you Michael for changing our lives." 
​-Eileen D (Irvine CA) 

"I couldn't put it down. The first chapter struck a chord with me, my heart aches for you. I can't believe what you have gone through." 
- Gloria R (city of SJC)  

"The Dark Path Chosen is a triumph of the human spirit to survive, redirect, and thrive. Michael's story is remarkable and powerful, turning a tragedy into a victory!"  
- Dr. Boris Del Cid (Orange County CA)  

"Riveting and raw! A very sobering reminder that ADDICTION does not discriminate!"  
- Carri Coppage (Capo Unified School District)