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Michael live educating in the prevention of his 11-steps to beating: Depression, suicide, alcoholism, anger, and drug addiction. His 11-steps to building confidence. Learn self defense to protect yourself or a loved from: Domestic abuse, child abuse and bullying. As well as learning his 11-steps to: Sales success, business success, life success and public speaking.  Also, learn nutrition, health and fitness.

Besides what I've doing for years, educating in the prevention of depression, suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, anger and bullying, especially within our youths and teens, our next 2 goals, one being a short term goal and the other being a long term goal in this journey of helping make a difference.

The numbers are staggering on how many teens, and young adults are living on the streets, homeless because these demons of drug addiction and/or alcoholism have taken control of their life. I know because I've been out their speaking and seeing them struggle on the streets. They have spoken, I have heard and now I'm doing something about it.

What becomes worse, they tell me they want to quit and get off the streets but they need help, either their parents don't have the insurance to cover it, they don't have the money to afford rehab and/or treatment, and they simply have no where to turn too anymore, and then it gets deeper because they say in order to live on the streets and endure being homeless, the drugs numb them to be able get through it. My organization, Support 2 Stop is doing just that, taking these teens and young adults off the streets and putting them into rehab free of charge, getting them straight and on their way of giving them the opportunity of succeeding in life.

Our long term goal in this journey is to start building our own rehab and treatment facilities, and offering the help completly free of charge. All they worry about is getting the help they need. They will have a bed to sleep in, a place to stay at, the support they need, and the people to educate them on staying sober and clean. We will guide them in getting work, and teach them how to live a successful life free of those demons and diseases that once controlled their life.

"God blesses people with what we call a God given talent, Michael Jordan, basketball, Wayne Gretzky, hockey, just to give you an example of what I mean. My God given talent was, Independency. The Good Lord Above from the begininng of my life knew I was going to have to be independent to make it through life. I was, creating avenues, thinking outside the box and making money even as a kid. With that independency, came facing demons and many times I lost to those demons, but my faith, motivation, determination, and that will to never give up always allowed me to conquer. Depression, suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, and anger, I've had them and had to beat them, so if I can, I know anyone can." -Michael Roberts

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