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Michael live educating in the prevention of his 11-steps to beating: Depression, suicide, alcoholism, anger, and drug addiction. His 11-steps to building confidence. Learn self defense to protect yourself or a loved from: Domestic abuse, child abuse and bullying. As well as learning his 11-steps to: Sales success, business success, life success and public speaking.  Also, learn nutrition, health and fitness.

About Michael
Growing up with divorced, alcoholic and abusive parents, I turned to drugs and alcohol at a early age. With no discipline and the freedom to do whatever I wanted, alcohol and drugs became my way of life. 

On Dec 5th, 1985 at the age of 17, I felt as if the only way out was to end my life. I bought a 12-pack of beer and stood overlooking a 250 foot cliff. I began thinking and said to myself, "What a relief it would be for my parents to know that the mistake they had once made in me, was no longer around." As I stood looking down, I heard a voice, I turned to look back and saw a police officer standing as he said, "It’s not worth it please don’t do it." I then looked at him and said, "I’m sorry" and then I JUMPED!

Falling and tumbling down to the bottom, I was helicoptered to a hospital with the Doctors saying, "This one will not live." I slipped into a coma and began the fight of my life, having to learn to re-walk, talk and write all over again, having many broken bones to heal, remarkably 2 years of rehab later, and with nothing but scars to show, I made a full recovery. 
Michael & Iris
After my recovery, December of 1988, at age 20, I came to Los Angeles with a dream, to be successful. I got my first job in what I loved to do, health and fitness. I started at a health club called Holiday Spa, from the bottom, an instructor, hungry for more, I showed my ways of communcating and went onto being a top salesperson, then an assistant manager, to a manager.

In 1990, at the age of 22, I started my own business, a fitness clothing line, again surrounded by the health and fitness industry. I learned business, the hard way, by not knowing, I just asked a lot of questions to successful business people. I learned the advertising and marketing part of business, but I crafted my salesmanship, I went onto to sell that business in 1998, known as, “Fitness clothes to the Stars”

In 1999, I wanted take a break from the business world and got a job in what I knew, health and fitness, running what  would become the top grossing franchised Golds Gym in the world, as their General Manager. I also helped create and launch the beginning of the reality dating shows, a show called, "Blind Date."

During the decade of the 2000's, I perfected my business craft, again starting a business in 2001, opening cafes, getting into the real estate game of fixs and flips, becoming a nutritionist, and going on to work with big box health clubs, smaller gyms and studios in the corporate markeing world.
My Boy
Luca Roberts
I put seminars together to build confidence within our youths and all people so I organized a MMA, mixed martial arts seminar, with World Champion Harold Diamond, meant to teach self defense and anti-bullying, as well as a dance seminar with Celebrity Dancers to help our teens and youths learn a career in dancing as a profession. One of my best events organized, for me at least, was an event called Got Teen Talent, set up like Americas Got Talent, but was meant for teens only, showcasing their talent with a 1st place prize of $1,000 cash, with 50 competitors and 1,500 in attendance, it was not only fun, but it brought the community and families together as one.

In 2011, I spoke my story for the first time, that was recognized and I did a radio interview. I saw the statistics of how depression, suicide, alcoholism and drug addiction was more prevalent than ever, especially within our youths and teens, after all I knew it, because I lived it. I became an advocate in educating in the prevention of these epidemics, speaking all over the nation and parts of the world. I wrote my book, Michael Roberts: The Dark Path Chosen, to further educate in the prevention so people, and our youths can hear and read exactly what these demons and diseases can do to you if you chose this dark path. I have spoken, and I've been heard.

With my speaking seminars, my events, I continue doing just that,
making a difference, changing lives and saving lives.