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Epidemic Educator: Motivational speaker: Building confidence, stop the bullying, health & fitness lifestyle expert: Entrepreneur and author. Educating in his 11-steps to beating: Depression, suicide, bullying, anger, alcoholism and drug addiction. His 11-steps to building confidence. Learn to protect yourself or a loved from: Domestic abuse, child abuse and bullying. As well as learning his 11-steps to: Life success and public speaking. Also, learn nutrition, health and fitness, NOT MEDS, it's about nutrition.

11-Steps to Business Success
"There are different steps to Business Success, although taking the 11-Steps to Sales, along with the
11-Steps to Overall Success, combining with these 11-Steps to Business Success, you will have a very successful business. But remember, yes you get into business for many reasons, with the main one, to make money, never forget that."

1) Hustle
2) Pavement
3) Rapport
4) Value
5) Set
6) Determine
7) Know
8) Exposure
9) Ref
10) Customer
11) Smile

Once a member, I go over every step and detail it so you understand, plus I share my experiences so you can relate, and then some, but first, watch my true life story videos.
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