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11-Steps to Beating
Anger & Argumentative Ways
"Growing up I watched my mother argue with the world, and I not only experienced her temper and anger, I watched her use those emotions with everyone else. I learned! When my mother caught me drinking for the 1st time, she kicked me out of the house to live with my father, an alcoholic himself. When my father caught me drinking the 1st time, he took my car away for 3 days, the 2nd time, he didn't say a word because I had just lost my best friend due to our alcohol and partying ways, the 3rd time he caught me, he sent me to talk to a counselor, a stranger. I was building anger because instead of helping me with my problem, they shuffled me off to someone else. The 4th time, my father and mother looked at me in a coma after my suicide attempt, laying in a bed, not able to walk, not able to talk, not able to function!"

1) Shout
2) Breathe
3) Step Back
4) Step Away
5) Close Your Mouth
6) 15 Minute Rule
7) Think Happiness
8) Embrace
9) Is It Worth It?
10) Doesn't Effect
11) Communication

Once a member, I go over every step and detail it so you understand, plus I share my experiences so you can relate, and then some, but first, watch my true life story videos.
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