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Educating in the prevention of depression, suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction and abuse. I educate so you never get involved or beat these demons and disease forever. I help make a difference, I speak to motivate, inspire and wrote my book to educate. Growing up with an abusive mother, an alcoholic father, becoming an alcoholic by 13, introduced to drugs and becoming a drug addict by 15, attempting suicide by jumping off a 250-foot cliff at 17, with the doctors saying, "This one will not live." Waking up out of a coma 3 weeks later, like a vegetable, a bruised brain, my body wrapped in bandages, a cast on my arm, splits down my legs, now the doctors saying they didn't know if I was going to walk again, talk again, or function correctly ever again.
Well I was determined, I was motivated to beat those demons, to beat this disease, to take back control of my life. I spent the next 2 years of rehab, re-learning to walk, talk and function in life all over again, and made a 100% recovery. More motivated in life, happy, feeling good and built confidence within, I came to Los Angeles at 20, and by 22, I started my first business with not much money and no knowledge of business, just pure determination, that led me to being a successful entrepreneur for the next 3 decades. I change thoughts, lives, families and lifestyles to success!
This is exactly why I started speaking and created my web TV show, too lead people of all ages from those dark paths, down the right paths, and into a lifestyle of success! My speaking and my shows are powerful, the biggest reasons, because I speak real, with passion, I speak to inspire, I speak to motivate, I speak from experience and I speak to not only change lives but to save them!
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With the worldwide epidemics of depression, suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction and abuse, as you probably already read, Michael educates in the prevention of all these, his story alone, like no other, shown on the show, talked about at the retreat, wrote about in a book sold worldwide, in which has changed lives, saved lives and helped made a difference, through his true-life story. His story alone will motivate, inspire and make you strive to be better each and every day! YOUR VERY OWN COUNSELOR, THERAPIST AND TEACHER!
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He has been transparent about telling his true-life story of surviving child abuse, witnessing domestic abuse, becoming a teen alcoholic, drug addict and suicide survivor, attempting suicide by jumping off a 250-foot cliff at 17 years of age, and then spending 2-years of rehab learning to walk again, talk again, and function in society all over again. But his story goes beyond, as he shares positivity too, making $300 bucks a week as a 10 year old kid, doing things as an entrepreneur. A 10 year old kid thinking outside the box, creating avenues, promoting referrals, getting exposure, hustling, grinding and pounding the pavement, now imagine him at 50 years old, with 30 years of business industry experience and knowledge. He's been heard, and his book has been read.
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Michael being a martial artist for 25 years, learning from top world champion martial artist Harold Diamond, he will be teaching how to protect someone against a bully, a domestic violence situation, a robbery, and learn self defense, building confidence to know, put in any situation, how to protect yourself or a loved one.
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Michael being in the health & fitness industry 30 years, being a nutritionist, learning A-Z from the top professionals in this industry, he teaches you how to get fit, stay fit and feel fit, giving you more energy, so you're more productive. He teaches through nutrition, how to build up the immune system, lose weight, gain muscle, tone-up or just get healthy to live longer and live that lifestyle of health & fitness.
Michael, being a successful entrepreneur for 3 decades, helping learn, perfecting and utilizing his 11-steps to sales, business success, life success and public speaking.
Yes public speaking, as you know people hate public speaking. He teaches how to engage the audience, how to get them to listen and not just hear, a huge difference because they will hear you but you want them to listen. Michael has been public speaking for years, literally on a daily basis throughout the years, and he has perfected public speaking.
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He has spoken nationwide, Canada, and Mexico. Yes, you will see him on season 15 of America's Got Talent, that is how powerful his speaking is. Let Michael bring it directly to you, with his TV show. With everyone wanting succees in someway and with 1 in 10 abusing alcohol and drugs, with 1 in 6 people considering suicide, with 1 in 12 attemping suicide, and an estimated 815,000 people committing suicide in this world on a yearly basis, top leading reasons for suicide being; depression, divorce, bullying, alcohol and drug abuse, this is exactly why Michael is now bringing his speaking worldwide with the TV show. His philosophy, "Changing your life, improving your life, succeeding in life."
Let Me Change Your Life

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My Book

I speak to make a difference, so I wrote my book to make more of a difference. When you put my book down at the end, you will be more motivated, determined and inspired to be successful in anything you chose to do. It will explain why you want to go down the right paths and not the dark paths that I once chose.

Michael Roberts:
The Dark Path, Chosen!


"I've had the opportunity to hear Michael speak a few times at my schools where I was a counselor for the Orange County School District. He came into our schools and spoke to the kids about what he is good at, helping prevent and educate in these epidemics plaguing our nation. The kids listened to his story from start to finish, engaging with every word out of his mouth, riveting and raw, he made a huge impact for the better." 
Carrie C
Dana Point CA

"I was there when Michael woke up out of his coma, he was determined to recover, he did, and now he has chosen to take his experience and help others get out of their addictions. I've seen him speak numerous times, and watched first hand, how his speaking relates and changes people."
Bethany M
Orange CA

 "I participated in the South Pasadena event hearing Michael speak. This was a grassroots community event that was put on with heart by Michael Roberts and his team. The authenticity and goodness in Michael Roberts and his event was heartwarming. His speaking is captivating and inspiring, seeing everyone with their full attention, and their friends and family surrounding them with love and support... that's what it's all about. "
Gail L
South Pasadena 

"Thank you Michael, you are the real champion of change in our people, youth and eventual society. It takes risk takers like you to make it all happen so thank you!"
Pierre T
Riverside CA

"Hello Michael, " Thank you so much for inviting us to your motivational presentation. Our employees and the youths really enjoyed themselves and your speech made an impact on them as well as everyone who attended. I was informed that the youths returned home and shared your story with their peers. We truly appreciate you sharing your life story with us. "
Thanks, Tasian Taylor 
Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services 
Program Manager, Residential Treatment

"Thank you Michael Roberts for coming to our rehab center and giving them your amazing story. You are such a great motivational speaker as I admire your talents and success. You did such a great job, I strive to be able to touch people with speaking the way you do. YOU had their attention and THAT is hard to do. So impressed !"
Jaclyn Roberta Farichild
Professional Youth Counselor
Pasadena CA

"Hi Michael, thanks for reaching out. It was a really nice event. It was great seeing or youths share their craft and be encouraged to continue dance, music and performing arts. I had a nice time."
Onesha S
San Marino CA

"Hi Michael Roberts! Just wanted to let you know, thanks for giving me an opportunity to show my dance and singing skills!"
Emily L
Rosemead CA

"I have had the pleasure of attending two of Michael Roberts speaking events. He is an excellent engaging speaker. He shares his story with raw emotion." 
Tony P
Los Angeles CA

"Hearing you speak is very moving's like being there as you tell it....I am so incredibly proud of you!!!!!"
Beth B
Sarasota FL